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    Mary Ellen Buccellato has been working as a multi-media artist for over thirty-five years. Her works have won numerous awards both locally and nationally. Growing up the fifth child of a mother who was born legally blind, Mary Ellen was taught at an early age to 'see' beyond the obvious. She has been in business locally in South Florida since 1995 as an antique dealer, freelance artist and speaker. Mary Ellen is married to her husband Carl who is a retired executive. Carl now hosts the You-Tube podcast 'Along the Way' with Carl Buccellato. Together they are continuing to spread hope and encouragement as they travel along the way!


    "I first began painting American History and Country Lifestyle scenes in 1985. I was fascinated with the simpler time in history when life had it struggles, but there was a true sense of home and hearth. I traveled to several Living History museums in New England for my inspiration. Personal friends and family also dressed in costume and modeled for me. As a primitive antique collector I didn't need to look any further than my own home for my inspiration. Quilts, yellow ware bowls and hurricane lanterns all said ‘Yesteryear’  to me!"


    "In 1995 I came to a crossroad in my personal life. Up until that time I was inspired by early American subject matter for my original paintings. However, when I had a lifestyle change, my artistic focus changed along with it. During this time I started to study the bible. As the words from the Good Book started to impact my thoughts, words, and actions, I saw a number of positive changes in my life. As a result I was compelled to share these biblical truths through my paint brush. Soon poetry, scripture jewelry and gift designs followed, all inspired by scripture."



    Jewelry With A Message

    Each piece of hand beaded jewelry depicts a verse or verses of scripture. All pieces come with a bookmark with the scripture on it. Several bookmarks also have Mary Ellen's original art and poetry as well. This is the perfect gift for anyone who wants to share a word of testimony through these conversation starters. They are a visual representation of God's Word as well as a fashion statement. The collection includes pendants, full beaded necklaces, earrings and more. Each piece comes in a white gift box with a bookmark.


    "As I started to experience the bible in a new and very personal way, not only was I compelled to interpret my experience through fine art paintings, but poetic verses started to flood my thoughts. There were times that I had to stop what I was doing, rush to find a pen and paper, and capture these words while they were fresh in my mind. At times verses just seem to flow through my pen as though someone else was the Author. I have always understood where this inspiration came from. As I have shared my poetry with others, countless times I have heard the words, 'You have written my heart'. There are over 300 poems in my collection. All convey a truth found in scripture."


    Seven paintings from the 'Country Life' collection have been featured in Country Woman Magazine. 'The Good Shepherd' appeared center-fold in Billy Graham's DECISION Magazine.  'Civil War'  was a Top 100 Winner in the national 'Arts For The Parks' competition in Jackson Hole, Wy. 'The Broken Pot' painting is in the private collection ofAnne -Graham-Lotz. Mary Ellen has designed a line of greeting cards for Kay Arthur and Gigi Graham through Lawson Falle greeting card company. Mary Ellen has shared her testimony on PRAISE THE LORD television show as well as several church events. 

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